E12: The Legend of Big Foot

episodes 24 min read
Garberville, California.

It was six days after the winter solstice when I woke up in a motel room in Garberville nursing a hangover from all the weed. Immediately, I reached for my phone, but there was still no reply to …

E10: Siblings with Benefits

episodes 12 min read

What good does it do to sit here, years later, and stew in this humililation? Why do I keep re-living the Story of Jolene and the Motel 6?

It’s a good question. Here’s an ever better one: why not stand

E09: Beachcombing

episodes 16 min read
This is me in the middle of one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

I knew I wasn’t really interested. But I hadn’t listened, I had ignored my best instincts, and now I was in the passenger seat …

E08: Fern Canyon

episodes 14 min read
Deep in the redwood forest

The very next day after my near-death by selfie, I arrived at a spot in the redwoods called Fern Canyon. Fern Canyon was exactly that—a crevice in the bluffs with walls fifty feet high that …

E07: Death by Selfie

episodes 12 min read

Having raced toward the state line anticipating suntan oil and bikinis, what I found instead were the world’s tallest trees. Once upon a time—the Story goes—giant redwood trees occupied nearly 2,000,000 acres of the California coast, from just about the

E06: The Bald Rapunzel

episodes 11 min read

High on mushrooms on Bastendorff Beach

You learn early on, as a straight man, that only certain stories are acceptable for polite company. Want to tell a story about a car you drove or a beer you like or how …

E05: …I wouldn’t be traveling

episodes 18 min read

Look: it’s my favorite time of day. The sky has deepend into that rich periwinkle, and the first stars harken the return of the night.

No, no. Not out there. Look in here. Slow down, drop into the more real

E04: If I was in a hurry…

episodes 10 min read
Looking over Lincoln City, Oregon.

Almost every State Park campground in Oregon has a communal campsite that’s known, colloquially, as the “hiker-biker.” Unlike most standard campsites, which are equipped with a fire ring and a picnic table next to a …

E03: Hungry Hearts

episodes 13 min read

I know: it sounds absurd. How does a normal, run-of-the-mill straight white guy suddenly find himself preparing to go down on Jack the Chicken Man?

(Alright, kind of white. Technically, I’m Jewish.)

I was asking myself the same question. Asked